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TV Watch 2014

The main purpose of this post is for you to recommend me TV shows to watch, so you can just go ahead and recommend me some shows now. This post should also be useful if you're like Dicey and have no idea about whether or not I watch a show or simply talk about a show. It's a reasonable question to ask. There will also be a vague attempt at reviewing or something.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Currently my favourite show of 2014. Not only is it the funniest show on this list, it is also the most politically correct and diverse. Not only is that important from a social justice perspective (which I do of course care a lot about), it also means that it's probably the nicest, safest show to watch. I watched this show when I was feeling down and wanted to feel better. It's comforting, and that's not something you usually get from a TV show nowadays, particularly if you're on tumblr. Anyway, this show has good, relatively original and developed characters, great relationships (they basically all interact with each other HOW GREAT IS THAT) and it's hilarious. Also, it's not nearly as popular as it should be so really you all need to watch it.

Orphan Black (season 2)

You guys should watch this show to tell me what is happening on this show because it's probably one of the most interesting on television right now. I will admit, this show often loses me, particularly towards the end of the season, but even then I'm still always intrigued at how it's actually made (for the record, the clone dance party was disappointing. The behind the scenes video was not). I'd say that the worst thing about Orphan Black is how many story lines it attempts to contain, which often leads to confusing or undeveloped plots and an ever-changing tone of the overall show. I also seem to be somewhat of a minority in that, despite Tatiana Maslany's brilliant acting, the only clone I really care about is Sarah. However, these critiques are mostly outweighed by the discussions Orphan Black raises and just how damn intriguing the plot and character(s) are. Also, you'll probably feel less left out on tumblr.
(Note: Season 2 definitely did increase the amount of gore and rape-scenes-as-plot-devices, which is a negative, and also something to consider when watching).

Faking It

Honestly, I probably like this show more than I should. This is partly to do with the fact that I still haven't watched the finale and partly because I continue to watch it as a satire (someone should tell Rita Volk that Hester High is not a model school, it is a parody of shallow political correctness done to look fashionable rather than out of genuine concern). Nevertheless, I maintain that it is funny and, sometimes, quite astute. I think at least half of its characters are well developed human, and I think that I am genuinely Amy (I'm also ignoring not yet stated canon and maintaining that she's demisexual). On the other hand, Liam is garbage and I don't know why they keep writing the characters as being fifteen when the actors usually manage to look older than they are and the characters are having sex, but I also don't watch a lot of MTV. In conclusion, you probably shouldn't watch this show, but it's a lot of fun if you do and I may or may not say that you should watch it anyway.

Sleepy Hollow

Do you ever get nostalgic for season 6 of Supernatural? Do you like watching TV shows where 90% of the cast are forced to wear really awful wigs? If you said yes, then this is the show to you! Seriously, there's basically no reason for you to watch this show, and it shouldn't even be on here seeing as I watched season one last year and Australia probably won't get season two until 2016. The main reasons to watch this show are: Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, and Abbie and Ichabod's relationship. That's about it. The plot is laughably flimsy and was done far better in season five of Supernatural, and the tone is inconsistent. But it's still enjoyable, and it was fun to yell at it after school. Also, my mum is currently watching this show. Do you really want my mum to be more up to date than you?

I'd also write a post about Elementary but...eh. Even at its worst, it's still better than Sherlock BBC (except with Mycroft), but it's disappointing to see how far it's fallen from season one. I have hope that it will correct itself and the Sherlock/Joan relationship is still enjoyable, but I miss having fun while watching it, or even just while thinking about it later (domestic!headcanons still rule though).

So, you guys should let me know what I should watch. Preferably something shortish and somewhat lighthearted. Or, suggest something for the long haul that I will watch in December/January when I'm crying over going into my last year of school.


Holiday Activites

Or specifically, lack thereof.

[Warning for talk about depression]

So, if you read the previous post, you will know that I planned to do a lot in the holidays. Having just completed one week out of three, I can now inform you that I have done nothing. Zero. Nada. I've talked to Anysa quite a bit, which is nice, and I've reblogged a lot of ask memes on tumblr, but that's about it. I've also slept a lot.

Mum and I are both inclined to blame it on depression, as are the multiple online tests I just took. Which is all well and good except that mostly my depression is identified as being seasonal depression. You know, the one that they get in Scandinavia during the 6-month long winters that plunges the continent into total darkness? Yeah, that one. This isn't surprising if you've ever seen a photo of me or seen my tumblr activity trend and realised that I literally never, ever go outside, it's merely just increases the ongoing irony of my life because I live in Australia. If only I lived in Queensland, the sunshine state.

Apart from the irony, it's also annoying because there's very little one can do to "treat it" (not that I'm allowed to go on antidepressants anyway), and it's not like I'm a bundle of joy during summer either. Yes, of course, this has to do with my appalling diet, my lack of exercise, my lack of sun exposure in summer, etc. but I'm too tired to change and discipline myself. That's kind of the point of depression, it's exactly like saying "do activities you enjoy". Oh wait, except people do say that.

This post really has no purpose except to act as a vehicle for my complaints...which is all of my posts, actually. I always kind of forget that I have seasonal depression, and while it's all good to remember and acknowledge it now, it's not particularly useful halfway through term when I have three exams and want to walk into traffic. Anyway, hopefully in the remaining couple of weeks of holidays, I'll manage to do something like writing, or even just talking to more of you guys. Maybe I'll even have enough energy to watch a movie or TV show. Hopefully I just do something. 


Upcoming Posts

This is for me and not you.

I finish school for the term in slightly less than a week and while it's going to be a couple of super busy few days I've started planning what I want to do (which is completely different from what I'll actually do) which is basically just writing. A lot. It's not going to happen.

Anyway, here are the following posts I want to write on here even though no one cares, because I need an outlet for my dumb thoughts that isn't just yelling at Anysa on skype (sorry, I love you).

  • 2014 TV watch

  • Review Eternal Sunshine and possible review/rant about Faking It

  • Social media platforms and the interactions they produce

  • More media analysis probably.

I also need to write an article for Dalliance Magazine which I may or may not post on here. 


Everyday Life Whine

It seems sort of stupid to apologise for using this livejournal account as, well, an actual journal, but I'm going to do it anyway. I can't make icons or banners or anything anyway, and I'm barely part of fandom on tumblr all of places, so it seems kind of ridiculous to think I'd be able to achieve any of these things on a site that expects you to know basic html.
[Complaining ahead]
Today was pretty shit, in that I felt like shit and I am unable to control myself so everyone knew that. I'm going to blame stress on the exam tomorrow, but I really don't know what caused it. There's also just general sadness and anxiety about friends, school and family, but that isn't exactly abnormal. Feeling this way isn't unusual either, but I was just hoping that I could wait until the end of term like everyone else and blend in a bit. I was particularly bad during first period, which was Modern History, which I also feel the worst about seeing as that is one of the few classes where I actually have friends and the teacher is somewhat problematic (she's nice, she's just not the best teacher and history is my favourite subject blah blah you get the picture). I was also relatively public in my unhappiness and then my teacher defended me which comes a week after I complained about her teaching and just. I feel bad.

The good news is that English is better than it could be. That's not saying much but my teacher essentially told me that I could basically argue my way into doing extension 2 (which is creative) even if I don't get particularly good marks in my essays for advanced and extension 1. I also remain firmly in denial about the essay for tomorrow but hey, at least I'm not panicking. Yet. My goal for tonight is to sleep, honestly. Unfortunately, English (which is basically code for my lack of organisational skills) has meant that I'm behind in maths for the first time this year. It shouldn't be too bad, seeing as I've been pretty good and my teacher likes me, but I still feel bad and I don't particularly want to be yelled at. Also, graphs and spreadsheets are very, very tedious and annoying, and I get them wrong.

Overall, I think I'm coming down with something and everything still feels impossible, but the work hasn't gotten too heavy yet and I'm still vaguely functioning. Actual good news is that I have fic to write and that does actually seem achievable, so yay. I also apologise for the somewhat constant use of lj, I tend to this whenever I get a new account of any kind. Also, tumblr is blocked at school, so I take what I can get.


Other World News

In regards to the previous post, I also think it's important to mention and acknowledge that:

  • Yesterday also saw a shooting at a Jewish museum in Belgium, which comes a couple of weeks after a shooting in America at a Jewish synagogue.

  • Today also saw an attack on two Jewish people in Paris.

  • That these are clearly anti-Semitic attacks and should be presented as such, especially by the media.

  • Thailand essentially had a military coup a couple of days ago and media outlets, primarily TV, have been taken over by the military and that those protesting deserve support.

I'd also like to take the time to send my condolences to all of those who have been affected this past week or so, and I hope things get better somehow. 

UCSB Shooting

(Trigger warnings for: guns, death, terrorism, racism, misogyny.)

Today, six women were killed by a rich white dude because he was angry that women didn't want to fuck him and he felt entitled enough to ignore their autonomy and take their lives away from them. This is an act of terrorism.

A month ago, 250 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school because they were women and they wished to be educated. This is an act of terrorism.

However, why I was able to immediately regard the kidnapping as an act of terrorism, I didn't consider the UCSB shooting to be a terrorist act until it was pointed out to me. One could argue that it's because of the smaller scale, but I think it's ridiculous to deny both how I view and how the UCSB shooting is presented compared to how the kidnapping in Nigeria is presented. Nigeria is foreign and terrorism is only committed by foreigners; I am able to accept that 200 girls are currently living in captivity, fearing for their lives and their lack of freedom, because it is distant.

Meanwhile, the news has been flooded with the videos left behind by the shooter today when it took weeks for the kidnapping to become world headlines. I'm not going to go into how fucking awful the media is in regards to the shooting, that's a whole other post, but for the most part there is a more emotional element: the attacker is more sympathetic, the parents are able to speak, whatever it may be, there's a relatability that the coverage on the Nigerian kidnapping lacked.

My first reaction to hearing about the shooting today was fear because I want to go to America. I want to go to California. I have blonde hair. I do also go to a very expensive all girls school where I receive an extremely good education, and I am aware (sometimes) that I am extremely privileged and that in many other countries my education would be denied, but it's not felt with the same weight. The fact that I am making a post today and didn't make one a month ago (lack of livejournal aside) tells you everything.

Both events are tragedies and acts of terrorism and both should be regarded as such. I know the name of both terrorists but I don't know the names of any of the victims. Both events are results of systematic sexism and misogyny and both need to be regarded as such. Not split into two causes of "mental illness" and "non-Western brutality". Both require different causes of actions and answers. 

Obligatory Introductory Post

I am basically never going to use this site seeing as I can't use html to save my life and I never produce anything vaguely resembling original content.

So this will basically be used for:

  • Posting fanfiction.

  • Continuing the pretense of networking and community building.

  • Possible updates about original work.

  • Whining.

And no one will ever see it anyway so it doesn't matter.

Later, kids.